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A New Chapter for Bernalillo County

Robert L. Padilla spent his career working in public service, he worked his way up from the bottom to become the Court Executive Officer of the Bernalillo County Metropolitan Court and spent nearly a decade in that role. Robert knows the importance of operating with full transparency, accountability, and ethics. We need someone in this office who will fight on behalf of you, the constituent, and who understands the importance of being an elected official.

A Lifetime of Service and Leadership

Robert L. Padilla’s journey through the New Mexico Judiciary is marked by relentless pursuit of growth, excellence, and transformative leadership. As a results-driven innovator, Robert has shaped policies and practices that have left a lasting impact on our judicial system, earning statewide accolades for his contributions. His tenure as the chairman of the Court Executive Officers Council for nine years exemplifies his dedication to collaborative improvement and ethical standards.

Building a Thriving Future Together

Innovative Leadership:

Drawing on three decades of leadership experience, Robert L. Padilla plans to bring innovative ideas and transformative protocols to tackle the pressing issues facing Bernalillo County. His proven track record of effective budget management and strategic planning will be instrumental in fostering economic growth, enhancing public services, and improving infrastructure.

Ethical Governance:

Robert’s commitment to upholding the highest standards of ethics, accountability, and transparency will guide his approach to governance, ensuring that the voices of Bernalillo County’s residents are heard and their interests are protected.

Community Engagement:

Robert knows this community and will be a champion for working families. Robert believes in the power of mentorship and youth engagement. His experience in coaching and team-building will inform policies that support education, recreational opportunities, and youth programs.

Join us in shaping a thriving future for Bernalillo County! Support Robert L. Padilla’s vision of innovative leadership, ethical governance, and dynamic community engagement. Your donation today fuels the transformative initiatives we need for economic growth, enhanced public services, and empowered youth. Every contribution, big or small, makes a significant impact. Donate now and be a part of our journey to build a brighter tomorrow, together.

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